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luxury villas for rent in tuscany

The Castle of Punta Ala, also known as the Tower of Troia Nuova” is situated on a high promontory that dominates the sea coast from Punta Ala to Castiglione della Pescaia. A medieval castle built in the mid 1500s, it holds an absolutely unique place in this prestigious area. High above the town, it sits above a remote beach to which it has easy access and is close to the harbor. Built by the Medicis, the castle was the private seaside hunting lodge of Italo Balbo, former minister of aviation and governor of Libya in the 1930s. It is a fully modernized object of great historical prestige.
Incredible one-of-a-kind castle in an amazing location. Stefania was super helpful and nice. Tremendous views, picturesque sunsets, and a great pool. Upgraded modern amenities, yet still the old castle feel....
We had a wonderful time and we'd love to come back!

This was the most unique and incredible experience we have had through air B and B. Andreas staff at the property is phenomenal and attentive to every detail, and the property itself is in incredible condition.
The stay was nicer than a 5 star resort.
Stefania cooked for us and it was our best meal on our trip in Tuscany, at the property with the most incredible view and history!



If there was an option to give 6 stars I would.
This place is the coolest and most unique stay I’ve ever had.
The place itself is magical and we wish we could have stayed much longer.
The manager Stefania is great, and she was available to help us with any need.
She also made us an amazing dinner which we loved.
We can’t wait to come back here!


Castle for rent in Italy
Our stay at the castle was incredibly unique and very memorable.
Its location at the highest point in Punta Ala gives breathtaking 360 views of the Italian coastline, the marina, Elba and even Corsica on a clear day! It is also only a 10 minute walk to the marina (which has a few restaurants and cafe's) and a 5 minute drive to the beach clubs. The castle itself is VERY well maintained, meticulously cleaned, and well lit.
Rooms are spacious and the kitchen is well equipped.
The experience of staying at a castle owned by the Medici's was fun. In addition, Stefania is on site to help with any requests.
She was able to arrange a day trip via boat to Elba with less than 24 hours notice!
All around highly recommend to any family looking for a memorable stay.

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